Edi Upper Primary School is a small rural school situated in the picturesque King Valley,

approximately 50 kilometres south east of Wangaratta. Edi Upper is a small, predominantly

farming, community, with the school being the focal point in the community. The school

provides a rich and diverse curriculum, one that aims to empower the students for their future

lives. All children are provided with the opportunity to work towards their full potential

through our comprehensive curriculum covering the eight key learning areas and also through

extension programs.

Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of developing Literacy and Numeracy skills.

An integrated approach is used to provide experiences across the curriculum. The

community, staff, parents and children work and interact with each other to provide a

stimulating, sharing and positive learning environment.

The School runs a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, with 4 local schools joining

Edi Upper students to cook 2 days a week.